Employer’s Liability Insurance, Do I Need It?


    Employer’s liability insurance is a type of coverage for companies that secures them from significant financial loss if an employee experiences an occupational injury or illness that employees compensation does not cover.

    Employer’s liability insurance can be packaged with employees settlement insurance to further protect companies against the expenses connected with office injuries, health problems and deaths that aren’t covered under employees settlement. Employer’s liability insurance coverage is also called “part 2” of an employees’ compensation policy.

    Many staff members are covered by workers compensation laws that are developed at the state level (one exception is federal employees). States require most companies to have workers settlement insurance, which offers some level of medical costs and lost salaries to staff members or their recipients when a worker is injured, sickened or killed by job-related causes.

    There is no requirement for a staff member to take legal action against the company to develop fault in order to receive workers settlement. If a worker does not feel that the workers payment effectively covers their loss– possibly because they feel their company’s carelessness caused their injury– they might choose to sue their company, making punitive claims for pain and suffering.

    Employer’s liability coverage is developed to cover these types of expenses, which aren’t covered by the employees payment or by a basic liability insurance plan.

    If a company purposefully causes an employee’s work-related injury or health problem, company’s liability insurance coverage will not cover the employer’s monetary responsibilities to the worker, and the employer will have to pay the employee out of its own pocket if the employee wins in court.

    Employer’s liability insurance coverage policies likewise put limits on what they will pay out per staff member, per injury and per health problem.

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