Using Kitchen Knives Safely


In a previous post, I gave some tips on stocking your freezer, frig, and pantry. Today some tips on getting the right utensils and knives to prepare the food of yours.

You need to have the decent set of fundamental tools such as a spatula, ladle, tongs, flippers and different wood and rubber spoons. The spatula can help scrape mixing bowls when cooking or perhaps saucepans from the stove. Ladles help provide the soups and stews you prepare. You may need to think about a large one and smaller one for sauces. The third ladle with holes is useful for serving food cooked in a liquid. An alternative looks like a large spoon, somewhat flat, to get rid of pasta (small pasta like bowtie of elbow macaroni) or even steamed/blanched vegetables. Tongs are useful for long pasta and turning foods in a saute or frying pan. We all use flippers for switching over those sunny side eggs!

A colander is often a normal essential for draining pasta or vegetables from water that is boiling. Many cooks use a multi-purpose pasta pot which has parts to steam, cook and drains food. Click now to fully understand all sides

A set of nesting cup bowls in various sizes from very little to extremely large gives you the tools for cooking, making sauces, tossing vegetables or meats in a sauce or perhaps marinade and various other useful purposes… storage space of scraps, and so on.

A good chopping board is also on the “essentials” checklist. They can be made of wood, plastic material, glass as well as granite or even marble. Wood has the benefit of being probably the friendliest to sharp knives. Glass and plastic provide better cleanup for hygiene purpose. IMPORTANT REMINDER… whatever type of board you use… when working with raw chicken ALWAYS wash immediately after use before any other food is on the board.