Gemma Michelle Jolie is a 73-year-old former personal trainer who enjoys worship, golf and watching sport. She is giving and exciting, but can also be very unintelligent and a bit unkind.

She is a Japanese Christian who defines herself as pansexual. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course.

Physically, Gemma is in good shape. She is very tall with dark chocolate skin, grey hair and black eyes.

She grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. She was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.

She is currently in a relationship with Antonia Matilda Wright. Antonia is the same age as her and works as an artist.

Gemma has one child with ex-girlfriend Leigh: Darcey aged 45.

Gemma’s best friend is a former personal trainer called Mya Alvarez. They are inseparable. She also hangs around with a former personal trainer called Theo Knight. They enjoy sewing together.